Friday, January 28, 2011

Mystery Film: Southern Shockers (1985)

Reader and Classic Horror Film Board member todmichel recently alerted us to a post over at the Cinehound Forum that includes a VHS box cover and screen caps from a previously unheard of omnibus flick called Southern Shockers that was filmed in West Point, Miss., in 1985.

The box in the Cinehound post appears to be from either Spain or Latin America, and presents the film as El Espiritu del Zombie (The Spirit of the Zombie), although the credits are all in English.

For you youngsters in the audience, VHS technology and the color red had an often stormy relationship...

Here's the info:

Director: David Coleman
Producer: David Hopper
Special Effects: Chris Witherspoon
Catering: Marcia Gibson
Cast: Mike Gordon, Robert Harrell, Tom Hatcher, Eric Shusterman (as Preacher Hopewell)

Oddly enough, I spent every summer during the late 1980s in West Point, Miss., and I still have family there. But I never heard of this movie, which appears to be a very cheap, shot-on-video effort. Anyone know anything about this one? If you have information, post it here in the comments section or send me an e-mail!


  1. I think the best way would be to take all the names credited in the end credits (there are a LOT), then search on local phone books if some of them can be contacted...

  2. Id love to be able to see that... As a West Point native, ya know.

  3. Will someone PLEASE point me to a copy of that movie, because I lived in West Point for most of my life, and would LOVE to see a movie that was shot there.

  4. I was in this movie at the end in a death scene. I was 18 years old @ the time. I am 45 now.

    Am trying to find a copy of it or somewhere to download.

    Randy Morris

  5. Hello, I just wanted to add the little that I can regarding "Southern Shockers". My name is Christopher R. Witherspoon, I was the special effects guy on the movie and when I came across this site I was blown away. Please someone contact me at and I will answer any questions that I can. I am still in the horror film business with a new film out right now that I directed entitled "RAGE". or catch me on facebook at!/profile.php?id=100002075071282

  6. I am Mike Gordon's nephew. I own the original 3/4 reels for this movie. I would also love to find a final version. Please send me an email with any information.


  7. I worked for a nearby newspaper during the filming of this, and had a chance to spend a few hours with David Coleman and crew for a story. I remember visiting a house either near Brame or Church Hill streets they had taken over as the special effects studio. Unfortunately, it never ran for some reason. It was an interesting concept at the time to "film" the movie with broadcast video equipment from WVSB (the local TV station). They planned to have the videotape converted to film for distribution, if I remember correctly. But I'd guess that it went straight to VHS. I never heard if the movie was ever completed and would love to see it, too. (I'm supposed to be driving my red Fiero in a scene where I'm run off the road by a hearse.)

    1. William, if you poke around the site a bit, you'll see an interview with Dave Coleman and a few other updates that provide more info as to what happened with the film later. David Hopper is still hoping to release it in some form.

    2. By the way, do you have a copy of the story that you wrote about the film? I'd love to see it.