Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Alive! The Regional Horror Films Book is Here

After many years of piddling around, several false starts and numerous delays, my book on regional horror films (aptly titled Regional Horror Films 1958-1990: A State-by-State Guide With Interviews) has finally been unleashed by the good folks at McFarland & Co.

If you are interested in picking up a copy, you can try your luck here and here. It's also supposed to be available as an e-book, although I haven't seen it turn up in that format yet. I'll keep you posted.

So why should you buy this book? Here are some highlights:

* It's the first-ever print reference work to include entries on such regional obscurities as Satan Place, The Wednesday Children, The Beast From the Beginning of Time, Silent Death, Demon From Devil's Lake, and the previously unheard of Southern Shockers.

* In-depth interviews with filmmakers Milton Moses Ginsberg (Werewolf of Washington), Robert W. Morgan (Blood Stalkers), William Grefe (Stanley), Robert Burrill (The Milpitas Monster), Lewis Jackson (Christmas Evil), and more!

* Rare, behind-the-scenes photos from The Dead Next Door, Werewolf of Washington, Blood Stalkers, Southern Shockers, and Shriek of the Mutilated.

* Listings of more than 350 independent horror and sci-fi films, organized in a handy state-by-state directory.

There are also plenty of fun newspaper admats and old VHS box art images in the book. Since space was a limited, I've posted a few images below that wound up not being used, but that are kind of cool anyway. Enjoy!

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