Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Reviews Are In...

The book's been out a few months now, and some online reviews have finally popped up. It will likely be awhile before any print reviews turn up, given the timing of the book's release, but I hope to see some more press as we roll into 2013.

I'd never heard of the blog Plan 9 Crunch before they reviewed my book (you can read the write-up here), but they post a lot of nice, lengthy film reviews.

Cinema Retro also provided a nice synopsis.

Finally, another site called Bookgasm, via Rod Lott, provided what is probably the most positive review to date.

From what I've read online, the only quibbles with the book so far seem to be the price ($45), and that Evil Dead cover photo, which has been used on some other books.

If you have a magazine or a website, you want to review the book and you haven't yet received a reviewer copy, drop me a line here and I'll pass it along to my contacts at McFarland.

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