Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer of Blood: A Look Back at Summer 1963, Part 3

More items from the BoxOffice archive during the summer of Blood Feast:

July 22, 1963:

(CHARLOTTE) Ron Ormand (sic) of Ormand Enterprises, Hollywood, Calif., and his wife June and their 12-year-old son Timmy are in Charlotte visiting friends. At the same time they are setting up distribution in the southeastern section for their company's picture, "Please Don't Touch Me." The Ormands also are working out plans for the production of a new picture.

From August, 5:

(SAN ANTONIO) ... "The Dungeons of Horror," a hair-raising film produced in Pat Boyette's local studios, will be distributed all over the world, starting next month, by Herts-Lion International.

There were also plenty of ads that summer for William Grefe's The Checkered Flag (see above).

And from the August 22, 1963 issue:

(MIAMI) Flamingo Productions, a local motion picture company which recently completed its first full-length color feature, "Miami Rendezvous," now is deep into production plans for its next film, "Deadly Circle," a psycho-murder mystery. The screen play was authored by Alexander Panas, Miami playwright. Producers Irwin and Herb Meyer plan to begin shooting in early September. Gloria Izzo, production coordinator for Flamingo, said that readings already have been held for some of the leading roles, but numerous parts remain to cast.

NOTE: Deadly Circle appears to have morphed into Honeymoon of Horror (a.k.a., Orgy of the Golden Nudes, 1964), which featured screenwriter Panas in a featured role, alongside Robert Parsons and Abbey Heller.

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