Monday, May 4, 2009

May 2009 DVD Update

What fun is it to KNOW about all these great regional horror films if you can't watch them? Here are some upcoming releases, along with a few we missed in April:


Psychos in Love (1987) -- Media Blasters has unleashed Gorman Bechard's romantic comedy about grape-hating serial killers in an extras-packed special edition that includes multiple commentary tracks, the trailer, alternate scenes, outtakes, a behind-the-scenes documentary, some of Bechard's short films, and a promo for the director's latest novel.

Giant Spider Invasion (1975) -- I know we already told you this was cancelled by MVD last month, but Synergy Entertainment has thrown down the gauntlet and released this 2-disc set, complete with a bunch of extras. Fred Olen Ray has already contacted his attorney, so expect this to disappear in the near future.

The Booby Hatch (1976) -- Not a horror film, but this sex farce was the brainchild of Night of the Living Dead co-creators John Russo and Russel Streiner. The disc includes a commentary with Russo, Streiner and Rudy Ricci, a featurette on actor David Emge, the trailer and the extra feature The Liberation of Cherry Jankowski.

The House that Cried Murder (1973) -- BCI previously released this Connecticut-lensed film, and I have no idea if the MVD release is going to be any better. I can tell you that this is the film playing during the drive-in sequence in writer John Grissmer's Blood Rage (a.k.a. Nightmare at Shadow Woods, 1987).

Keep My Grave Open (1976)/Beast of the Yellow Night -- Stop the presses! S.F. Brownrigg's seldom-seen psycho shocker Keep My Grave Open is now available on a double-feature disc with Beast of the Yellow Night, and we were completely unaware until this week! You can pick it up from Alpha for pocket change.


The Beast Collection -- Image Entertainment is clearing its storage locker of a bunch of previously released RetroMedia titles. This boxed set includes a number of regional titles, including Shriek of the Mutilated (1974, New York), The Snow Creature, The Capture of Bigfoot (1979), Search for the Beast (1997, Alabama), SnowBeast, Sasquatch- the Legend of Bigfoot (1977), Larry Buchanan's Zontar: The Thing From Venus (1966) and The Eye Creatures (1965), and the Japanese monster flicks Majin Monster of Terror and Return of the Giant Majin.

Don't Go in the Woods (1981)/The Forest (1982) -- BCI will continue its "Exploitation Cinema" line of double features using the titles it's distributing for Code Red. First up is James Bryan's over-the-top slasher flick from Utah, Don't Go in the Woods, paired with Don Jones' weird The Forest, starring my pal Gary Kent. Both films were previously released as special edition discs.

The Last Horror Film (1982) -- Joe Spinell's follow-up to Maniac was mostly shot at Cannes, but we'll overlook its geographic deficiencies since Troma is releasing this as an uncut special edition with a commentary by Spinell associate Luke Walter, an interview with William Lustig, the trailer, and some other goodies.

Mark of the Witch (1970)/Devil Times Five (1974) -- Another BCI "Exploitation Cinema" repackaging, this time pairing a Code Red title (the excellent Devil Times Five) with a title previously released by RetroMedia, Tom Moore's shot-in-Texas Mark of the Witch.


Drive-In Classics Collection -- Image continues its housecleaning, with this pile of Something Weird Video titles. Includes Speed Lovers (1968, Georgia/Florida), Thunder in Dixie (1964), Swamp Girl (1971, Georgia), Swamp Country (1966, Georgia), and a trio of H.G. Lewis hick flicks: This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971, Oklahoma), Year of the Yahoo (1972, Texas), and Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964, Florida).