Monday, August 13, 2012

Trailer of the Week: Deafula (1975)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to turn up an actual trailer for this Oregon oddity, the only horror film (that we know of) shot entirely in American sign language. But there is still a clip online!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Always a Bloody Bridesmaid...

I have watched the Florida flick The Brides Wore Blood dozens of times. I can't begin to tell you why. It's cheap, it's dull, it barely  makes any sense. But I keep ... coming ... back. That's one of the reasons I interviewed producer/effects artist/actor Tom Rahner for my upcoming book, and why I was so excited when none other than Fred Olen Ray sent me a quick scan of this newspaper ad for the film's preview screening at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Auditorium and Recreation Center in June 1972.

Unfortunately, the scan is too fuzzy for us to read the accompanying article, but I like the nice big advertisement. The only other screening for this film that we know of was a Midnight show at the University of South Florida in May 1975 as part of the "Head Theater" program.

Fred also claims he used to have some stills from the film, but I've yet to see them. I've pasted the DVD cover below, along with the Goodtimes label VHS cover (I first saw the film via this release, which was available at Kmart for a mere $3 back in the late 1980s), and a few quick screen grabs for your edification.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

You Say Horror, I Say Harrow

One thing I noticed when researching my regional horror films book was that there wasn't a lot of paper available promoting the works of Texas filmmaker and comic book legend Pat Boyette. Although there are a few copies of the poster for his lost film The Weird Ones floating around, I had never seen any sort of posters or stills for Dungeon of Harrow/Dungeon of Horror, which has become something of a public domain DVD staple the past few years. Thanks to AV Maniacs member D.Wilt of the Mexican Film Bulletin Online (and some other bloggers), we now at least know what the Mexican posters and lobby cards looked like.

First up is this Mexican one-sheet, which was posted over at Rip Jagger's Dojo.

As you can see, the artwork was repurposed for the Alpha Video DVD release a few years back (see the top of this post).

Zombo's Closet, meanwhile, featured this nifty lobby card:

That still begs the question: where's the U.S. artwork? If it played theaters here, there ought to be at least a poster. Anybody ever seen one?