Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Odds and Ends

We're only a few weeks into the month, and it's already time to do a little housecleaning around the crypt. Here are some random bits of news and updates that have been piling up on my already cluttered desk:

* The Al Adamson Channel: Independent-International Pictures's founder and president Sam Sherman called us a few months back to let us know that he had launched a free YouTube channel called iipAlAdamsonMania. While a good many of late director Al Adamson's exploitation pix are available there, Sherman has also posted a number or rarities from the IIP and Hemisphere libraries, everything from THE ALFRED NOBEL STORY to FIGHTING RATS OF TOBRUK.

And, of course, there are a few regional titles in there as well, including John Russo's MIDNIGHT (filmed in Pennsylvania) and the oddball 1961 Barry Mahon flick BLOOD OF THE ZOMBIE (shot in New Orleans). You can watch the full-length films online (there's a brief commercial) and access all of the trailers.

* Big Changes at Fangoria: A number of blogs and message boards have been buzzing about this for a few weeks, but word on the street is that longtime Fangoria editor Tony Timpone has stepped down (after an astounding 20-plus-year tenure), and former Rue Morgue writer Chris Alexander has been tapped as his replacement. Timpone will apparently continue working with the mag in some capacity, and managing editor Mike Gingold is still on board. The mgaazine's Web site, however, is has been down for awhile.

* DVD Updates: Watch out for the Jack Weis-Herbert Janneke Jr. film QUADROON (1972) from Code Red in March. The Louisiana-lensed plantation pic stars frequent S.F. Brownrigg actor Bill McGhee. Code Red also recently released the previously unheard of Canadian picture NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1990) from Jack Bravman, who was (I think) the same guy who made JANIE (1970) and who helped Ed Adlum come up with the idea for INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS. Alpha Video, meanwhile, is having a half-off anniversary sale, so you can get that KEEP MY GRAVE OPEN DVD even cheaper now.

* Exploitation Movies in L.A.: My friends over at the Temple of Schlock have teamed up with Cultra DVD to present "The Art of Exploitation" at the Cinefamily theater in Los Angeles. They kicked things off with the Georgia oddity POOR PRETTY EDDIE (along with THE LONERS).

This week (Friday, Feb. 12) they're playing two films from New York director Andy Milligan, FLESHPOT ON 42ND STREET and THE BODY BENEATH. You can see the rest of the schedule here.

* Hello, Chesty: Mark Nelson posted a link over at AvManiacs to a article profiling former burlesque performer and Doris Wishman collaborator Chesty Morgan. It's fascinating reading -- as are the accompanying reader comments.

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