Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creeping Unknowns - Take 2

No sooner had I posted my list of the most obscure, hard-to-see regional horror films, than sharp-eyed reader Yongary pointed out that I'd forgotten at least two apparently lost regional oddities. So here they are:

The Nest of the Cuckoo Bird (1965)
Filmed in Florida
Director: Bert Williams
Status: Unknown
This Miami-based obscurity was written, produced and directed by star Bert Williams, who ran something called the Experimental Camera Workshop. Not sure how far or wide it was ever distributed (by Lionex Films of New York, according to press reports), but local act The Four Bits performed the theme song, which was (according to an article in BoxOffice) was written by a Methodist Church organist. The ad above comes to us courtesy of the fine folks at The Temple of Schlock, where you can read a synopsis and a full cast/credit list.

Valley of Blood (1973)
Filmed in Alabama (?)
Director: Dean Turner
Status: Unknown
Allegedly an early project from prolific British producer John Daly about a monster menacing a cast of country singers. Again, check out the advertisement and additional info at the Temple. I've seen very little documentation on this one outside of the links provided there.

Is that it? Have I missed any others? Can anyone confirm whether Valley of Blood was shot in Alabama?

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  1. Try to track down an amateur North Carolina feature called MEMBRANE(1983). It has apparently been available(barely) at some point on VHS. Besides the IMDB page, I have found nothing about it anywhere.