Monday, October 18, 2010

From the Mouths of Madness

We JUST finished putting the final manuscript for the book together, and The Dead Next Door (the book) is on its way for a review by the publisher. To celebrate the end of this long slough, I thought I'd post a few choice quotes from some of the interviewees featured in the book. Enjoy!

"Porn and horror, and even Lawrence of Arabia, are all basically the same exercise. You put people in front of a camera, you put film in the camera, and you push the button. Okay?"

--Ed Adlum, producer, Invasion of the Blood Farmers

"I used to think Humanoids [From Atlantis] was the worst, but everybody kept telling me it wasn't as bad as Robot Ninja. Humanoids at least -- I can't say that it saves itself, but it's got the fake ending, which everybody seems to like for some reason. I don't know why. Neither of them are good movies. It's like comparing two piles of dog crap."

--J.R. Bookwalter, director, Robot Ninja

"Did I feel prescient? I was proud that I knew that the Watergate thing was bigger than everybody thought it was. I was very concerned about the film being successful so I could get some traction in the business, which seemed to be separate from my own discomfort about getting rid of this guy as president. But who knew that we would get subsequent presidents who would be far worse? That's totally unimaginable. You thought the dark ages were over when Nixon resigned. Clearly they weren't. They were just beginning."

--Milton Moses Ginsberg, director, The Werewolf of Washington

"The film played eight years, every year, on 42nd Street. The first year it played I went to a screening. I was sitting there with the audience, and when he flies off at the end they all threw stuff at the screen. They threw popcorn, sodas. The audience went wild. They threw everything they could get their hands on."

--Lewis Jackson, director, Christmas Evil

"That movie, when we got it done, we all had this idea that it was going to be great and wonderful, and the world would beat a path to our door. All the distributors were going to come flocking around and making outrageous bids. We were going to make millions of dollars and live happily ever after and make movies and have a wonderful life."

--Larry Stouffer, director, Horror High

"The son of a bitch calls me about eight o'clock at night, and wants me to send him a thousand dollars. He's in jail. My lead bad guy is in jail, and he wants me to bail him out so he can come out and play the part!"

--Robert W. Morgan, director, Blood Stalkers

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  1. I'm so looking forward to this book,and congrats on its near completion.
    This is a terrific and incredibly informative(and fun) blog

    Thanks & Bravo