Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trailer of the Week: The Undertaker (1988)

I actually just finished watching this oddball, erratically edited slasher film that was recently released by Code Red (it previously floated around on video as Death Merchant in some quarters). Joe Spinell stars as a murderous undertaker with unhealthy designs on his recently departed female customers. There's lots of sweat, lots of aerobics, and lots of stock footage from The Corpse Vanishes (and The Terror, and Africa Screams, and Scared to Death, and ... Bedtime for Bonzo).

There's not really a trailer available, but I did find this promo reel (there's an introduction by a guy named Beck who provides some background). It's long, a little disgusting in places, and interestingly enough includes some sequences that are missing from the Code Red DVD.

Spinell died just a few months after completing the film.

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